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Are you tired trying different approaches that don't seem to be working for you?

Chances are that you need a RADICALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH to changing and transforming your life!

You are an incredible, unique and amazing human being. You are not just your mind, or just your body, you are a whole integration of mind, body and spirit!

Our programs are designed to help you transform your life by integrating all of the components that will lead you to become a Vibrant, Healthy, & Thriving Human Being.

We firmly believe that change requires consistent action, feedback and support, and we love to stand for your change and transformation! We have a proven coaching process that's focused on creating change and moving you forward with state-of-the-art strategies. Overcome your issues with food and heal your relationship with your body; Decrease inflammation in your body and heal your gut, Effectively manage your ADHD once and for all, and Learn how to PERFORM AT YOUR PEAK in sports, arts, business, speaking & life! OUR COACHING PROGRAMS OFFER YOU THE CONVENIENCE OF ACCESSING SERVICES FROM HOME VIA OUR LATEST VIDEO-CONFERENCING TECHNOLOGIES, SO YOU CAN SAVE TIME AND HAVE INCREASED PRIVACY! (Many of our HIGH PROFILE athletes, CEO's and community executives love this convenience!)

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Please note that we do not take medicare or medicaid. Thank you.


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Elena Elena Estanol Ph.D., M.F.A. - Dr. Estanol is a licensed psychologist and sport psychologist in Fort Collins, CO More...

Amanda Amanda Ashcraft, M.S., R.D., L.P.C. - Amanda Ashcraft is a psychotherapist and registered dietitian... More...

Shayn Shayn Stavens M.S., M.I.S. - Shayn specializes in fitness, health, and nutrition. I am an avid weight lifter and I love to share my enthusiasm for weight training and exercise with everyone. More...

Erin Erin Meyer, BS. - Erin is a student at Colorado State University studying nutrition. She hopes to become More...

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