ADHD Coaching Services  

  • Do you need help with organization, time management, or follow through?
  • Is ADHD getting in the way of your work, school or relationships?
  • Do you want to improve your functioning?
  • Do you often feel overwhelmed or anxious because you may be missing things?
  • Are you struggling time management?
  • Would you like to feel more confident and effective at your work, school or home life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place. We know that it takes a great deal of courage to reach out, ask for help, or even read everything. We can help you!!

Adults and Teens with ADHD often struggle in executive functioning areas such as:

        • Time Management 
        • Organization of Tasks
        • Organization of Environment 
        • Initiation 
        • Follow Through 
        • Sequencing 
        • Prioritizing 
        • Motivation
        • Self-Confidence

Coaching can help you in any of these areas!

What exactly is ADHD Coaching?

Coaching is a supportive relationship that provides a goal-directed, structured and focused approach to help clients accomplish specific tasks and goals. It provides motivation, accountability, encouragement, organization and follow through. The goals can be focused on anything the client wishes to work on, from school, work, relationships, or health changes.

The coach takes an active role in offering suggestions, brainstorming, and encouraging the client. He or She also provides accountability to the client in the way of tracking progress, email or text check-ins and eliciting involvement and motivation from the client.

Similarities and Differences from Therapy

Unlike therapy, coaching is NOT meant to treat, cure or, diagnose clients, but rather collaborate with other professionals in taking the steps necessary for improvement. For instance: if a client is struggling with taking their prescribed medication, the coach may brainstorm and help the client figure out ways that may be helpful for him/her to be successful at taking their medication.

Coaching has a very hands-on approach and may include skyping or video-conferencing to help a client organize a physical space or design a strategy to tackle the “mounds” in their environment. As you can see a coach will assist you in becoming successful at tackling the goals that you have outlined, as well as helping you maintain motivation, mindset and accountability required to become successful.

While both coaching and therapy will deal with feelings, beliefs and behaviors, coaches generally DON’T get involved with deep emotional issues (clinical depression, anxiety, suicide) but rather will refer the client to a therapist. A coach will work with you to change your belief and thought patterns that keep you stuck in accomplishing a goal, but will not dig deep to find out where these beliefs came from. He or she may give you different perspectives on how to deal with them to move past and get to where you want to get.

In essence, coaching is more task-oriented, goal driven, and focused on changing behaviors. Therapy can be more process oriented, based on understanding, processing emotions, thoughts and feelings, and learning about the process. Coaches have more flexibility in regards to how they work with clients such as doing phone, skype or in person meetings and can work with people across state lines.

In general, clients benefit from having both a coach and a therapist to work together. This is how we see our clients making the most progress.  An important consideration for many people is that therapy may be covered by health insurance while coaching won’t be. 

Coaching services can help you explore and identify your challenges and to generate ways to deal with your situation in a manner that will allow you to grow and move forward. We believe that you possess many skills, abilities and strengths to achieve greatness.  However, at times, we have not learned the necessary skills to achieve and accomplish certain things, or simply to allow us to live a fulfilling life.

Coaching offers the opportunity to allow you or your teen to learn some of these skills in a nurturing and rewarding environment. Coaching is based on creating an individualized plan for success that encompass all areas of life from a positive perspective, and evaluating the areas where you need the most support.

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Both of our coaches have trained with Jodi Sleeper-Tripplet and adhere to her Coaching Model.