Coaching Programs

We are delighted to be offering Coaching Services and Programs. 
We have spent significant amount of time, energy and money in pursuing additional training and certifications in order to offer these services to our community. 
Coaching differs from our clinical services in a few key ways:
  1. Coaching assumes that you are starting form a place of complete power, and ability to make changes in your own life.
  2. Coaches are simply guides, mentors and catalysts in helping you achieve the goals and the life you desire.
  3. Coaching is NOT considered to be a treatment, so there is no insurance reimbursement.
  4. Coaching is considered to be educational, results-oriented, focused on a specific goal, and offers a lot more hands-on-support in achieving that result.
  5. Coaching is largely accountability based, in collaboration with you.
  6. Coaches will provide more input, suggestions, and keep you accountable for the changes that you are wanting to make.
  7. It is action-oriented and driven to help you CHANGE a behavior, a pattern, or implement new skills.
  8. Coaches may provide organization, accountability, encouragement, motivation and follow-through to see you actually make changes.
  9. Coaches won’t provide a diagnosis, won’t delve into past issues, or get involved in deep emotional issues. If these come up, coaches most likely will refer you to a therapist.
  10. The biggest difference between coaching and therapy, is that therapy is more process oriented, based on understanding and processing of emotions, thoughts and feelings.
  11. Coaching is more task-oriented, goal-driven and more focused on actually helping you make the desired changes.
  12. Coaches generally have more flexibility as well in how they serve clients, being able to utilize phone, skype or similar online technologies, as well as hands-on-support.
  13. Coaches have a stronger teaching and mentoring role than therapists do.


Explore the different COACHING PROGRAMS WE HAVE TO OFFER YOU! (just click the labels below and stay tuned for new programs coming!)


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