Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides a place for you to honor and process your feelings, life-experiences, hopes and fears. It allows you to find greater awareness of how these experiences, thougths, and feelings impact your decisions, communication style and relational patterns. Individual therapy provides you with the space to enhance your awareness and insight, to allow you to experience new ways of being, new coping strategies, and to improve your communication. 

Awareness and insight allow you the choice to change your behavioral patterns creating new synaptic connections in your brain. Individual therapy can help you navigate difficult life transitions as it provides a “container” in which to process these changes, allows you to hear and integrate new perspectives, and provides support in an empathic and non-judgemental manner. Through this process you may be able to integrate how this impacts our mind, body, and spirit connection and recognize ways in which you may be able to heal, grow, and become more resilient through this process.

Our therapists and psychologists are trained to help you navigate this process in an empathic, compassionate and gentle manner; honoring your experiences and pace for change. 

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