Individual Performance Enhancement Sessions and

Mental Skills Training

 Individual  or one-on-one sessions are focused on getting to know the athlete or performer at a personal level, understanding the motivations behind participation, the pressures, their individual temperament, knowledge, experiences and attitudes about their sport. It is individualized to each athlete’s (or coaches’) abilties, experience and age; and geared at maximizing and enhancing performance by gaining insight into their “internal mental structures” (thoughts, feelings, patterns, reactions, beliefs), and learning and applying mental skills to enhance their focus and consistency, maximizing strengths, and helping them manage internal and external pressures and expectations.


  • Competitive Recreational Athletes
  • Youth and Adolescent
  • High School Sports
  • Collegiate Sports
  • Semi-Professional
  • Professional
  • Elite and Olympic Level
  • Youth and Adolescent Performing Artists (dance, theatre, music, art, writing, scultping, etc.)
  • Amateur Performing Artists
  • High School Performing Arts Clubs
  • Collegiate Performing Artists
  • Semi- professional Artists
  • Professional and Elite Performing Artists



  • Performance Anxiety
  • Inconsistency between practices and competitions
  • Inability to deal with high pressure situations
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Lack of Focus and Concentration issues
  • Mental, emotional and physical fatigue
  • Negative self-talk
  • Difficulty bouncing back from mistakes
  • Psychological issues related to injuries and rehabilitation
  • Overtraining and burnout
  • Emotional Eating, Eating Disorders and weight management
  • Dissapointment, grief and loss
  • Sexual Identity issues
  • Gender Identity issues
  • Transitioning out of the sport
  • Sport Identity
  • Moral development
  • Leadership concerns
  • Interpersonal issues


  • Relaxation training
  • Mindfulness training
  • Concentration and Attentional Control strategies
  • Self-talk and mental scripts
  • Goal setting and performance planning
  • Mental rehearsal and visualization
  • Pre-performance routines
  • Post-performance assessments
  • Enhancing self-confidence, self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Cognitive-behavioral strategies for self-regulation
  • Poise and emotion management
  • Attribution interpretations and self-assessments
  • Enhancing perspective and mental toughness (resilience)
  • Behavioral strategies to enhance motivation
  • Interventions to address parental and familial needs involved in youth sports participation
  • Coaches education regarding motivation, leadership and interpersonal styles
  • Moral development and sportsmanship
  • education for parents, coaches and administrators on how to deal with psychological difficulties such as grief, anxiety, eating disorders or adhd.



Developmental Program (This is a Comprehensive Program Billed Monthly- Options Discussed at Intake)

Individual sessions for younger athletes that are focused on developing and teaching them mental skills and give them a jump-start in their athletic involvement.

  • Because younger brains are still developing, skills can be taught based on their developmental level in a way that can be understood and applied by each athlete.
  • Investing in mental skills in younger athletes provides the opportunity for them to develop their mental skills alongside of their physical skills for a more “seamless integration”.
  • Our Program Includes an Online Training Component, where athletes and families can learn the concepts and strategies together to further reinforce the gains.
  • Parents are involved in this program as they are an integral component of their young athlete’s success in the sport.


Elite Program (This is a Comprehensive Program Billed Monthly, Options Discussed at Intake)

One-on-one sessions for competitive (any level) and elite athletes who are seeking a performance advantage, increase confidence, enhance their consistency, mental toughness, or who simply want to learn the mental skills to allow them to reach their fullest potential. This program is best fit for athletes 14 and older seeking to learn, apply, and master mental skills over a longer period of time. Athletes may choose to engage in this program in the off-season or pre-season to prepare for tryouts, training and competitions.

  • Our Program Includes an Online Training Component, where athletes and families can learn the concepts and strategies together to further reinforce the gains.
  • Generally we meet with athletes once a week for the first few weeks and gradually move to meeting every other week, with assigments in between meetings. During these meetings we individualize the skills to your sport and specific situation. 
  • It can also be done during th competitve season to help athletes reinforce skills, support their efforts, and aid them through the ups and downs of the competitive season.
  • Athletes will be provided with worksheets, inventories and handouts reminding them of the skills they are using.


Flexible/ Expandable Program 

This program allows athletes to develop their own individualized program based on their current needs, training and competitive schedules.Most athletes that choose these programs would like to have a longer-term on-going relationship with their sport psychologist addressing either performance or life issues, or a combination of both, and to do sessions at their own pace. It is also possible to have sessions scheduled at training sites, performance and competition venues, and travel for additional fees.

This program also allows athletes to pay per session as they work on their skills but it does not have any session pre-requisite or session limits. Athletes may choose to involve family, coaches, trainers, physical therapists, or team-mates if they desire.

Individualized Performance Profiles ($600.00)

These individualized profiles are achieved through the administration of sport specific assessments of mental skills and motivation that will allow us to learn about your strengths and weaknesses in the mental realm as an athlete.  We will give you specific feedback and recommendations about how to turn your weaknesses into strengths and your strengths into diamonds! We will assess, give you feedback and suggestions on you motivational style, your ideal pre-performance states, your concentration abilities, how you take feedback from coaches, and how your self-talk impacts your performance in competitions and games. This is a worthwhile investment for serious, elite or professional athletes, performers or individuals who want to delve deeply to uncover their maximum potential!

Remember that your investing in your mental skills is equally important to investing in your physical training and coaching; and at the highest levels, athletes that have a distinct performance advantage attribute it to their mental skills rather than their physical training. If you want to be the best that you can be- then this training is for you!
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