Are you Playing the Waiting Game?

Have you ever set an intention to make something happen and almost as soon as you make it, it begins to manifest?

How about when you’ve set a clear intention, taken the appropriate ACTIONS, and the thing remains elusive?

What do you do when you are WAITING for something to happen in your life?

What does that mean?

Well, I will share a little about how I’m using my intuition to make sense of my own “Waiting Game”.

There are SO many different opinions on this subject I’m almost nervous to write about this, but I will because I know I’m not the only one who ever finds herself in this position.

This happens to ALL of us, yet few of us dare to admit or talk about it.

Whether you are looking for jobs, waiting to find if you got accepted into school, waiting for a loved one to return, waiting to get pregnant, give birth, sell a property, buy a house, travel, start a business, share your gifts… wow the list is endless.

 In essence there are two camps:

  • Those that believe that, basically “you are doing it wrong”, or have some kind of block or limiting belief getting in the way of you manifesting a particular outcome.
  • And those who believe that you simply need to ALLOW for the FLOW of life to take its course and that “if it’s meant to be, it will be and if it’s not it won’t”

I am fundamentally opposed to both of them, lol, because they represent a satire of the extreme.

And I also agree with both of them because sometimes LIMITING BELIEFS DO get in the way, and sometimes we are so controlling we don’t make room to ALLOW for the flow to come in a certain manner.

However; the latter version assumes that you ADOPT A PASSIVE STANCE, one in which you simply ALLOW for things to be as they are, and wait.

The waiting game is pretty distressing for many of us.

Especially if you are a kinetic being of impatient nature as I am.

AND over the years, I have learned to discern the difference between passion and desperation, between patience and apathy.

Because as humans we don’t live in extremes. We are complicated and our lives reflect this.

So, what am I talking about?


Waiting train


About 5 months ago, I announced my intention to move to Mexico for a while to study with the shamans and commune with dolphins and begin creating experiential retreats.

I was simply following my intuitive guidance.

So… I made some INTERPRETATIONS given this guidance (as most rational humans do), that I was to abandon my current Divine Appointment and switch to pursuing this new one.

This is not new to me. I have taken enormous risks and as long as I follow my intuition I have ALWAYS landed in a soft spot.

So, I figured out (rationally mind you), allof the possible ways on which this could happen and I assumed the answer was in selling our newly built integrative wellness center.

I didn’t think I could build that up AND be gone at the same time. (Interesting how our rational minds make assumptions about what we can and cannot do.)

I figured that since I had no idea where in Mexico I was to go, that I would narrow it down to about 5 places.

I DECIDED that I would NOT decide where to go UNTIL I had gone to each of those places and felt it’s energy. Again wrong assumption. (Ugh, its painful to see how many mistakes my head makes when not listening to my heart). But it made rational sense.

We planned a trip to Mexico to go scout out places and figure out where we wanted to land.

Then, I proceeded to arrange all of the travel to all those places.

I have NEVER had so much trouble trying to book tickets. Over the course of the next 3 days o tried to book the flights and they were rejected each time. (This has never happened to me!) I called Orbitz, the bank, etc. No go.

Finally I booked the 1st leg of the trip. Smooth. No issues.

Then I tried for the 2nd leg of the trip. Barrier after barrrier. Another week and a half of issues. Had to finally book one airline to get there. Another to come back, etc, etc.


I am not a “Wait and see what happens” kind of girl. I’m an action oriented, “persevere until you get there” kind of gal.

And while this attitude has served me well in many areas of my life, clearly I wasn’t listening to my intuition or the SIGNS presented to me.

So… I PUSHED… I did what I know what to do… and a week before our trip… the 1st earthquake and Tsunami hit, pretty much destroying 3 of the cities we were visiting.

Needless to say, not only did we lose the $$, I learned a VALUABLE lesson.

When things are REALLY HARD and there seems to be a block at every corner, MAYBE the universe is trying to tell me something that my rational mind is too dense to perceive.

I wish I’d listened and payed attention to how things were unfolding.

In this case, we weren’t meant to go there. Turns out, we COULD DECIDE ahead of time where to go, if I could only tune into the signs that were all around me.

So, when things aren’t showing up, manifesting and happening the way you are intending them to, perhaps it’s a sign that you need to RECONSIDER the plan, or that there’s something more you need to do.

In essence: something is off. Maybe its timing, maybe it’s plan, maybe it’s place, maybe it’s unfinished business. And yes, maybe it’s INTERNAL BLOCKS.

So, deciphering and pulling th truth apart may not be a simple process. Perhaps you need support and guidance and someone else to offer perspective.


Sometimes STUCK POINTS are opportunities to slow down, re-asses listen and grow. 


Perhaps if we stop judging “STUCK” and “SLOW” as bad and instead see it as an OPENING for growth, it would feel much less painful, much more expansive and perhaps even flow through faster.


SOMETIMES it’s not about WAITING, but about APPRECIATING WHAT IS, What is HERE RIGHT NOW…and what opportunities are being presented that we are missing as we focus on the outcome that is not showing up. 


So…after 5 months of our building being on sale and several price decreases, I’m choosing NOT to make the same mistake.

I want to share honestly where things are at, because I also set an intention to be transparent and allow you to follow our journey as it unfolded…rather than simply follow the course. Perhaps its timing, perhaps I still have work to do.

So, do I think I was wrong about Mexico?

NO.  I still very much feel called to go. But perhaps the timing is off. Perhaps the plan or the way I charted to make it happen is off. Perhaps I have some unfinished “business” to take care of. 🙂

You see…


Several years ago I had a clear Divine Directive to establish an Integrative Wellness Center.

This was the guiding force behind creating his space.

And after having managed 8 employees, I felt that It would be overwhelming to try to manage all the clinicians from afar and that I couldn’t possibly do both. So I wrongly assumed I was to desist from that plan.

I guess that was NOT the case. I am to do both. I had no idea how. Honestly.

Until recently, I got a download on a totally different way to create this. A way that would give more freedom and ownership to the clinicians, and less responsibility to me.  An out of the box solution. Of course. An exciting WIN/WIN for the clinicians that decide to join us, and for the clients and us! Want to check it out?



So… I’m delaying my plans, and I’m publicly declaring that it is possible to HAVE IT ALL, but it requires Trust and willingness to “Feel outside the box”, be open to detours and trust in the DivineTiming of it all.

To listen to my intuition and follow it more than I do my head. To honor the way things are showing up and to cherish the opportunity to learn more about patience, about enjoying the journey, about expanding  opportunities and trusting that things will come in due time, as long as I continue to take action.


What do I recommend you do (If you find yourself in a similar place):

  • Observe and Notice what is happening
  • Be curious and open minded
  • Don’t be afraid to be wrong
  • Be willing to explore out of the box solutions
  • Don’t get frustrated and impatient
  • Revel in the new opportunities that come up as a result of the delay.
  • Keep living life in the present moment.
  • Get support or join a group
  • Aka: don’t turn opportunities to live, experience, connect and serve today, in service of an uncertain future.



Treasure it’s gifts, take its lessons, and keep exploring the possibilities for tomorrow.

How can you turn the frustration into appreciation?

How can you bring more play and excitement into the present?

Can you resonate with me?

What are you waiting for?

Dr. Elena

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Dr. Elena Estanol is a high performance psychologist, healer, intuitive business mentor, adhd coach and # 1 International best-selling author, who has been up-leveling speakers, performers, athletes, coaches & purpose-based entrepreneurs to become extraordinary beings and legendary leaders for over 16 years. Her unique system In Flow and On Fire TM unlocks & unleashes your unlimited potential, to take courageous action to defy the ordinary and become extraordinary in business & life.



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