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The 18 yr-old dream is finally manifesting! We are finally moving to our brand new

“Synapse Counseling Integrative Wellness Center”.

THE NEW ADDRESS IS: 1101 E. Elizabeth St.

It is a block away from Lemay a Green house with purple doors.

We are delighted to finally get to have a space where we can expand our services, our offerings and build community!

IMG_9831For a while now, I have felt a strong stirring to not just build a center but build a place for community. A place where we can hang out, work together, and create transformation for each of you.

It is clear to me that wounding happens in the context of relationships and hence healing needs to happen in the context of relationships.

The saying: “It takes a tribe to raise a child” couldn’t be truer now than it has ever been.

In a world where everything is faster, access is quicker and communication is almost instantaneous due to social media, e-mail and little computers we call phones, we are more plugged in, but in fact more disconnected and isolated. Have more information but less connection and transformation.

More access, and more alienation and disconnection.

I’m on a mission to change this from many fronts. In Synapse it is by actually building a place where we can build community, not just for us, but for each one of you, to connect, support and empower each other as we courageously face our trials and build our lives.

And through Luminescent Life to teach and empower other healers, therapists and heart-centered business owners to build conscious businesses that are based on community, collaboration, social change and Philantropy.


Ultimately, my mission is a mission of th HEART. I envision a world in which we all support and empower one another to be the best versions of ourselves, to create health and healing, healthy relationships, and conscious business. I envision a world in which we celebrate one another for being the amazing and brilliant beings that we are unapologetically.

I hope you can be as excited as I am and can join me in creating a strong movement for LOVE, Community and healing.


Our new place is located at:

1101 E Elizabeth St.

Move DATES April 23- and be closed until 27th.

We will run our evening groups on the 27th and will hope to resume business on the 28th.

We appreciate your patience as we complete the move, the finishing touches and get things under control.

Please let us know what is working or not working for you.

We will be offering new programs that will take advantage of our new kitchen, yoga space and large conference and art room. Our Health & Wellness Coaches will be able to give cooking demonstrations, classes and personal guidance. We will integrate more movement, group programs, and community.

A program I am particularly excited about is “AWAKEN YOUR PERSONAL POWER”, which is about empowering you to let go of being a victim, of playing small, and teaching you to step into your own personal power in relationships, in your health and in your life. More details to come later.

We will continue to offer online trainings, so keep your eyes open for them!

We can use your support in joining us and inviting those around you to:

 Our Open House scheduled for May 20 & 21

Friday 4-8pm and Saturday 10am-3pm

 We FREE workshops, classes, consultations, mastermind gatherings and many more things!

We also will be accepting donations for art supplies, yoga supplies and non-perishable food donations that we will be taking to the food bank.

Your support and engagement in any of our programs will benefit our community as we will be partnering with child safe, we, and the food bank so a portion of your investment will go in support of our community. A portion will also be allocated to our education and outreach fund to provide more free resources to our community.

Here are some of our Groups with Openings:



Ultimately, I hope this will provide a place of engagement, empowerment, collaboration, community and health for all of us!

If you are an ARTIST and want to partner with us to showcase our work, please me to make arrangements.

Please join us in celebrating this huge milestone and making this dream of positive change a reality.

 Thank you for being part of the Synapse Family.

Here are some of the latest pictures from our center!





We Are Moving! — 4 Comments

  1. What a lovely, beautiful place, Elena! How exciting to see all the hard work, persistence and courage manifest in this very concrete way!

  2. Elena: It is amaizing to witness how you and your team have worked and achieved this
    long dreamed and now made real, complete clinic!!!
    Congratulations!!!! You are a magnific example to follow of strengh, optimism, resilience, constance, generosity and love. I wish that many people can benefit from all you have to offer, and learn that by giving love away, it will return to them multiplied.

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