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woman thinkingIt is in the quiet of the winter as the streets get covered in powdery snow, as the city sounds, the hustle and bustle after the holiday begin to quiet down, that we can finally exhale and reflect about the lessons and wins from the year that is about to end.
In the Ayurvedic tradition I’m what’s considered a Vata body. An airy energy that is light, changing and in constant motion. If you know me, you’ll see the truth in this. In fact my greatest struggle is NOT in being productive, creative and moving; BUT in being still and reflective.
So as much as I dislike the cold, the snow and the short days they are a blessing in disguise. A way for my external environment to cajole me into finally slowing down, sitting down and have the time to take things in.
As a creative being starting new projects, embarking into new adventures and pushing forward in current projects is always exciting and invigorating.
However, just like there is night for the days, a Moon for the Sun, and Winter for Spring, we too must take the time to slow down and reflect. To take in where we are, appreciate the gains and set intentions for the future.
So I invite you to take a few days, or a few hours. This is not to be done as “another task” to be accomplished but as an experience to be relished.
If you are in constant motion, and like many of us; overstimulated by social media, email-marketing and radio, tv programming, podcasting, etc. it is difficult to glean your own wisdom if there is no quiet space.
You must take some time to pull away…
Deal with the FOMO, and remind yourself that there is nothing “out there” more precious than the jewels that you are about to mine from “in here”, the deepest well of wisdom that exists within you. The quiet voice that gets drowned out with the constant noise and the constant motion.
So here are the steps:
  1. TURN OFF ELECTRONICS (inspiring music may be an exception)
  2. USE PAPER & PENCIL (or your computer will do, as long as you can stay focused on the task at hand- aka close all notifications)
  3. WRITE ALL OF THE THINGS YOU FEEL PROUD ABOUT ACCOMPLISHING aka “Big Wins” (these could be external (like writing a book) or internal (like facing a fear or embarking on a new challenge). Write EVERY LITTLE THING!
  4. RANK THEM in order of MEANING (for you- do not let external standards impact this process. Remember this is for you. You may have made 7 or 8 figures this year, yet the thing that is MOST meaningful is the impact you had in your clients or your kids lives. It is about what is MOST SATISFYING to YOU.)
  5. SHARE THEM OUT LOUD- with a partner, friend or mastermind group. It is in the celebrating, sharing and being heard that we begin rewiring these successes into our brain.
  6. WRITE ALL THE LESSONS YOU LEARNED THIS YEAR- they could come from mistakes, but also from things you learned from others, and things you experienced.
  7. WRITE HOW YOU WANT TO INTERGATE THESE LESSONS GOING FORWARD– This is one of the most important parts of the process…where you consciously make a decision and strategize how you will integrate these lessons in the most powerful way.
  8. ARRANGE HIERARCHICALLY- Having a clear indication of how you want to integrate these lessons and how you want to carry them forward, and particularly the order in which you want to do this is crucial.
  9. SHARE OUT LOUD– again share with a loved one, a business partner or your mastermind group. We are wired to be relational beings, and we thrive in relationships. So being able to declare these intentions set up new synaptic connections and activate the neuroplasticity in your brain.


Now take the time to do this…today or Tomorrow…

Here are a few of my reflections:


  1. Finding and completely remodeling our new Wellness Center.
  2. Supporting my partner to transition from leaving his job as a Colorado State Trooper and becoming a Wellness Coach.
  3. Taking a HUGE leap of faith to join a high end mastermind that completely changed my life.
  4. Becoming an international best-seller.
  5. Launching and running 3 masterminds
  6. Creating 5 online programs
  7. Launching my own radio show.



1. Simplify

2. Do one thing at a time

3. Let go of shiny object syndrome and focus on your biggest and most aligned priority.

4. More is not always better.

5. Freedom is not all that is cracked up to be- you need to create structures and boundaries to become effective, focused and successful. (Set structures, accountability, check-ins…whatever it takes).

6. Don’t try to do things on your own. It is the most costly decision you can make. Hire a coach. Join a mastermind and invest in you.

7. Inner game is MORE valuable than any new shiny tactic that over promises and under-delivers. (Time and time again, I times I held back and witnesses others do the some had more to do with lack of confidence or inner game stuff than with tactics).

8. Build a culture based on your vision that your employees can get behind.

9. Take risks, knowing that some will work and others won’t. And that is totally ok. Failures give us great learning opportunities.

10. Open to receive in a big way- reach for what feels impossible- you never know what might happen.

  1. Take time to PLAN OUT my YEAR…
  2. Be clear of what my FOCUS will be each quarter, each month, each week.
  3. Create structure that will give me more freedom (more routines, master calendars and master schedules)
  4. Keep taking calculated & COURAGEOUS RISKS
  6. INVEST in myself & my growth.
  7. Commit to MASTERY
  8. Follow my INTUITION
  9. STAY TRUE to ME
  10. TRANSFORM the LIFE of everyone I work with!


NOW…What you will create and what you will integrate may be very different, what matters is that you are distilling the things that are most important to you.

The NEXT STEP…is focusing on HOW you will integrate these to CREATE and WELCOME the life you want for the coming year!

If you are interested in coming creating the plan of HOW you will integrate this into your life and your New Year, and want to get super clear as to WHAT you want to bring into your life, and HOW to do that so you can feel energized, excited and successful, then send us an email at:

So, we can let you know about the details of our SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS IN 2017 WORKSHOP this coming month.

Just send us an email and we’ll let you know of the details.

Either way….take the time to go through this process, either on your own  or come do it with us. We are always more powerful and more effective when we do things in community.

So tap into the power of community. Join us for this workshop!



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